IT Solutions Service in Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands

At Vintage Systems, in  Christiansted, St. Croix, Virgin Islands,  provides IT solutions, computer, and computer repairs. We know our clients needs and will create the perfect IT solution for you.

IT Solutions Questions:

Which It Equipment Is Critical to Their Operational Success?
What Response Time is Required When Equipment Fails?
Can the Use of the Failed Equipment Be Quickly Redirected?
Does a Back-Up Plan Need To Be Prepared for Immediate Deployment?


Working Together As a Team & the Customer

By asking these questions up front and understanding the answers and ramifications, we are able to develop a solution with our clients, as opposed to for our clients. We help set expectations and response times in advance, so you know the level of service you want is the level of service that is delivered.

Which service solution is best for you? Are you looking to extend the useful life of your IT equipment? Our Monthly Maintenance Agreements may be just what you are looking for.

Need tech support on stand-by? Our Time and Materials Agreement ensures that you never have staff just "sitting around." Eliminate idle-time and improve bottom line performance by leveraging the flexibility of Vintage Systems, T & M Advantage.

By focusing on our clients market, we learn their industry and develop processes that are repeatable and scalable. We do not waste time reinventing the wheel. Vintage Systems knows the needs that a typical Retail customer will need and we start that consultation from their perspective.

Vintage Systems develops IT solutions for clients across spectrum of industries and markets. Trust us to build a solution that is just right for your company and your market. From process improvement, deployment, installation, preventative maintenance, onsite repair service, and disposal, Vintage Systems has the service capabilities to meet the needs and security standards of nearly every situation.