Vintage Systems, LLC provides multi-vendor support services on behalf of its Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM), Resellers and End Users throughout the Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. We carry certifications from our OEM partners and service many different brands of IT equipment. Our Technician's skill sets are unsurpassed in the industry.

A Single Superior Point Of Contact

The convenience of having a single company that can consistently deliver expert resolution to your mixed fleet and multi-vendor environment provides peace of mind as well as confidence. You do not need a Rolodex full of names and numbers for reference. Vintage Systems, LLC is the single superior point of contact trusted for your multi-vendor services. We meet your challenges daily and deliver resolution that allows our clients to focus on their core business. Vintage Systems, LLC takes care of IT!

Vintage Systems, LLC offers service locally, regionally or nationally on a cost-effective basis regardless of the manufacturer, age or location of your technology infrastructure. We provide you and your clients with support for an extensive range of products and technologies:

  • General Systems
  • Desktop PCs & peripherals
  • Notebook PCs & peripherals
  • Multi-media PCs & peripherals
  • Servers
  • Data storage systems
  • Desktop printers
  • Network-enabled and high volume printers
  • Network devices to include hubs, switches and routers
  • Servers
  • Legacy systems
  • Security cameras & access control
  • Physical Security Consultation
  • Telecommunication devices
  • Data cable wiring (CAT5-CAT6, Fiber)

In-Home Systems

  • Home PCs and peripherals
  • Notebook PCs and peripherals
  • Residential gateways